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Credit Repair

Delete all negative items on your credit report

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Tracking/Spying of Cell Phones

Mutual Funds

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Conduct advanced penetration tests with ease

Metasploit Pro

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Criminal Record

Erase your Criminal Records

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Debt Clearance

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Bitcoin Mining

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How can I pay?

Our Payment Methods Include Bitcoins and Wire Transfer, Certain Methods are faster than others depending on your location and local currency

How long does it take to carry out the Hack

n order to quickly help you, please have your 3 current credit reports available. You can get them for free at annualcreditreport.com .Because credit repair depends on a variety of factors, the time will vary. On average, clients are satisfied with the results within four months. Lasting credit repair is a process and not an overnight “quick-fix.”


$499 billed after client setup and dispute letters are created (this is your first monthly payment). $149 per month after each completed month of service after your first month. Cancel Anytime!   Also, we ask that you keep Identity IQ open for credit monitoring for us which is $21.99 per month.


Awesome Life Group LLC’S credit repair program is a month to month service and you may cancel anytime. Just give us a call or email to cancel.


Client Data Protection is required by law. We use the same security encryption (256-bit SSL) as banks. SSL is Secure Socket Layer, but what it really means is that the data sent between Awesome Life Group, LLC and your computer is safely encrypted from prying eyes. It’s the same technology that banks use to keep your credit card information safe. We never share your personal information with anyone– for any reason– without your prior written permission.


Once your payment has been confirmed. you will get regular updates every 15 minutes on your email or instant messenger account till completion, at which the hacked login credentials or monitoring link would be sent to you.

Terms of Service

We do not condone time wasters, bargaining(New clients),filthy language, spamming or advertising on our site as this is meant for business.


Credit repair is 100% legal and it works because of the law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to dispute any items on your credit reports that are inaccurate, obsolete, out-dated, or unverified. If an item cannot be verified,it must be removed. If an item is inaccurate it will be updated. In some cases, we can negotiate payment to original furnishers of debt and/or collectors of debt, on behalf of clients.


All services come with Awesome Life Group’s 90-day back guarantee. If your credit report doesn’t improve in the first 90 days, you can get a full refund.


Absolutely!   You are your best advocate and know your situation more than anyone else. There are many useful books, websites and videos on the subject. If you want to DIY, we recommend educating yourself first.

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    3 Phase Attack

    PHASE ONE (2-3 weeks)
    We will go over your goals with you. We will give you a realistic timeline to achieve your goals. Within two business days, we will go to work on your behalf. In this phase we are focused on removing any negative, inaccurate, or outdated items. We wait for about 7 days for the credit bureaus to respond. We then evaluate if you are ready to move to phase two.

    PHASE TWO (3-4 weeks)
    Your credit is looking better; we will contact you to see if your goals have changed. In this phase, we will work on a strategy to add positive credit, increase credit lines, and correct any payment history errors. Every thirty days we will evaluate if you are ready to move on to phase three.

    PHASE THREE (4-5 weeks)
    Our favorite phase is when we give you the green light to apply for that mortgage loan, car loan, or business credit. If you find that there are areas you still need to work on after speaking with loan officers, let us know we will help! Once you have reached your goal, don’t forget to send us an email!

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