Debt Clearance

Established in 2006 over a decade’s experience

Innovated debt related solutions that work. Not just one service but solutions that works best for your financial situation

We ensure privacy and confidentiality – Application by phone or email no need for personal interview

Registered with the National Credit Regulator, Debt counsellors associations and payments associations

A debt clearance certificate is a certificate that verifies that a consumer has satisfied all obligations under every credit agreement that was subject to a debt review court order or debt review repayment agreement. The issuing of a clearance certificate signals the end of a successful debt review process.

How the Debt clearance works!!

The program combines all listed debts into one single manageable payment giving you relief from having to juggle too many separate bills. It is the perfect solution for those who have had an history of debt repayment but just need a little room in their finances to maneuver, once the project is completed the whole payment would be deposited from our database in your name , directly to the public debt management , the whole process takes 2 days to be done It would give you access to more future:
Auto Loans
Tuition Loans and so much more
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